Delivery Cost

International shipping costs are based on a combination of the following:

  • Weight and dimensions of package
  • The location the seller is shipping from (city, state, country or region)
  • The location the seller is shipping to (also called the destination country or region)

Therefore, costs may vary greatly depending on what, where and how the seller is shipping, and can be considerably higher for international destinations.

Generally, buyers pay additional costs that may apply such as duties, taxes and customs clearance fees. For example, international rates may or may not include pickup and door-to-door delivery with customs clearance. Your package will arrive at your door, but then you might need to pay extra international fees.

Before you place an order, you can click the "Calculate shipping cost" link to get the discounted shipping costs to and from any country or region under different shipping methods.


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    • Do you guys make custom denim skinny jeans and denim jean jackets? If so Im&nbs ..
      Quintavious Hardeman
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